Inclusive & Reconciling Ministry

Inclusive & Reconciling Ministry

At Chevy Chase UMC, we believe we are all children of God and seek to include all people in the life of the church without exclusion.

After a formal process of discernment, learning and discussion, in October 2016 the church body voted overwhelmingly to become a Reconciling congregation and updated our Welcoming Statement to read-

At Chevy Chase United Methodist Church we seek to share God’s message of grace with all people. And we believe that Jesus Christ calls us to love one another without exception or exclusion.  No matter your race or ethnicity, age or abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity, marital or family situation, financial circumstances or faith history, we joyfully offer our hospitality and invite you to participate fully in the life of our church community.  You are welcome here.

Our Inclusion Task Force was originally formed to help guide the congregation through the discernment process to becoming a reconciling congregation. Now that we are reconciling, our work continues! Below are some of the ways we continue to live our welcome commitment:

  • Celebrate Pride- Rainbowing the church: Each year we celebrate Pride month with a rainbowing of the church to support our LGBTQIA+ siblings.
  • Celebrate Pride- Marching in the Pride Parade: Each year we walk in the Capital Pride Parade along with other reconciling congregations and small groups of the National Capital Region.
  • Organize and plan information sessions and movie nights to promote inclusion and understanding of diversity.
  • Sponsor of Rainbow Families, an organization supporting LGBTQIA+ families.
  • National and Area Affiliations: We are active members of the Reconciling Ministries Network and The Baltimore Washington Area Reconciling Ministries (BWARM).
  • Open doors to community organizations: We open our doors to support groups of all kinds to hold meetings and gatherings.
  • Support throughout our congregation: We believe that inclusion work should not just be the focus of our Task Force, but  a vital priority for every committee and mission of our church (Worship Committee, Racial Justice Group, Citizenship class, Youth Group, Sunday School, etc.).


Please reach out to us if you are interested in getting involved in this ministry or if you have ideas on where we can be more inclusive.

What are Reconciling Ministries?

The United Methodist Book of Discipline, the official rules and statements of The United Methodist Church, calls the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual persons “incompatible with Christian teaching.” Reconciling ministry offers intentional hospitality and affirmation of our baptismal promises which include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender persons as fully part of the church family. Congregations choose through their own discernment whether to participate in this unique ministry of hospitality and inclusion while also challenging any practice of the church that discriminates against LGBT persons and their families.

Banner Dedication, July 25th, 2021
Banner Dedication, July 25th, 2021
Banner Dedication, July 25th, 2021